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Whether you are a veteran insurance agent or a rookie opening your own shop, the goal is the same: you want to grow your agency and offer excellent service to your clients. But who has time to prospect leads or investigate new lines when there are dozens of ACORD forms piling up on the desk?

Insurance Noodle's Agent Academy articles can help you discover ways to simplify your workflow, enhance productivity, and prioritize customer service. Get tips on some of your most pressing agency management questions, such as…

You already work hard to build your book. These articles can help you figure out how to work more efficiently.

How to Use the Agent Academy Articles

Imagine being an insurance agent in the 1960s or 70s. No computers, no email, no digital anything. The amount of time spent just completing applications is mindboggling. Now, thankfully, you have the technology to streamline your work, but that is only valuable if you know how to use it.

Many of the articles available in the Agent Academy include tips for making the most out of the Insurance Noodle platform. Others provide insight on smart agency practices, such as developing a website, marketing on social media, or writing an agency business plan. While you browse the Agent Academy articles, don’t forget to also check out our eBooks and blog. Both have useful information for running your independent agency.

You don’t have to be an Insurance Noodle member to use the insights found in the Agent Academy, but you do have to join to access our smart insurance technology. Send us an email to learn about becoming a member.

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