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Farm & Ranch Program

An Insurance Agent's Guide to the Farm & Ranch Program

An Insurance Agent's Guide to the Farm & Ranch Program

To a city slicker, farm life might seem idyllic. They picture happy farmers working the land and enjoying a slower paced, less stressful existence.

But as an insurance agent, you know farmers and ranchers toil nearly every day of the year to build a successful business. Most tackle their chores in the field then head to their office to balance the books. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which part of their job is more strenuous.

Like any small-business owner, a farmer has assets to safeguard, and they rely on you to help them find that protection. But many of those assets – their land, crops, and cattle – are subject to a distinct set of exposures that require a tailor-made insurance solution like Noodle’s Farm & Ranch Program.

What Is the Farm & Ranch Program?

What Is the Farm & Ranch Program?

Farmers and ranchers may be small-business owners, but their day-to-day operations can look significantly different from other businesses. For example, many farmers…

  • Live on the land they farm.
  • Work with livestock.
  • Own expensive machinery.
  • Rely on the weather.

These risks usually mean the average General Liability Insurance policy isn't enough coverage for farm and ranch owners. Instead, most have to look for insurance designed specifically for their industry.

The Insurance Noodle Farm and Ranch Program is a collection of products that offer specialized coverage to protect farmers'…

  • Crops.
  • Livestock.
  • Equipment.
  • Land.

Your farm and ranch clients depend on a lot of variables that are outside their control in order for their businesses to thrive. Remind them that their insurance is one thing they do control, and it's just as essential to the survival of their business.

What Does the Farm & Ranch Program Cover?

What Does the Farm & Ranch Program Cover?

If you’re a rancher and salmonella runs rampant through your stock, it can wipe out your livelihood. In fact, an early frost or a sudden windstorm can have the same impact. Then there are lawsuits to consider – most farmers and ranchers operate on razor-thin margins, and the cost of a lawsuit can easily obliterate their savings.

The Farm & Ranch Program addresses these risks with coverage options triggered by:

  • Wind and hailstorm damage to your client’s property.
  • Liability claims arising from your client’s livestock.
  • A salmonella outbreak.
  • The death of cattle caused by a lightning strike.

In short, the Farm and Ranch Program can keep a run of bad luck from completely decimating your client's business. If you're an Insurance Noodle member, you can apply online to get your client a Farm & Ranch Program quote today.

Which Insurance Clients Need the Farm & Ranch Program?

Which Insurance Clients Need the Farm & Ranch Program?

The name gives you a pretty good idea of which clients may need the Farm and Ranch Program, but be careful. There are many different kinds of farms. For reference, here are some types of farms the Noodle’s Farm & Ranch Program usually covers:

  • Commercial farms.
  • Hobby farms.
  • Cattle farms.
  • Dairy farms.
  • Vegetable farms.
  • Grain farms.
  • Vineyards.

In general, the Farm & Ranch Program covers owner-operated and owner-occupied farms that are…

  • In good condition.
  • The insured’s primary source of income.

Certain operations may make your client ineligible, such as having a dog kennel, an exotic animal ranch, or public on the property. Additionally, a client with two or more losses in the last three years may be declined.

How Can Insurance Agents Quote the Farm & Ranch Program?

How Can Insurance Agents Quote the Farm & Ranch Program?

Noodle members can quote Farm & Ranch Insurance by logging in to the portal and selecting the Farm & Ranch option under “Programs.” This takes you to the application that you can fill out with your client.

You can often get better pricing and faster quotes if you…

  • Answer every question on the application.
  • Include a description of your client’s farm.
  • Provide information on prior coverage and losses.
  • Suggest a target premium.
  • Include photos and loss runs.

Photos and loss runs can turn into a 35 percent discount off the standard premium. Call 888.466.8868 or email [email protected] to get more information.