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Never Stop Learning with Insurance Noodle

Insurance can be complicated, but most complications stem from the many different types of businesses an agent may need to insure. For example, would you know…

  • How to classify a booth renter in a salon?
  • What kind of ventilation systems most top-rated insurers require in a restaurant?
  • Whether or not a medical spa needs a physician on staff?
  • Which retailers survived or even grew during the recession?
  • What kinds of specialized Property Insurance policies a landscaper needs?

Even seasoned agents may struggle when a new client presents an unfamiliar risk. That’s one reason Insurance Noodle publishes free, ready-to-use resources for all our available classes, plus an array of additional materials for new agencies, veteran agents, and everyone in between.

Check out these free resources.

Agent Academy

Check out Insurance Noodle's Agent Academy articles for valuable tips on:

  • Choosing an agency management system.
  • Developing an agency business plan.
  • Using social media to increase your client base.
  • Accessing quality products without a direct appointment.
  • Improving customer service.
  • Making the most out of the Insurance Noodle online quoting hub.

And the industry-specific eBooks can help you learn the ins and outs of classifying and insuring niche businesses.

Insurance Noodle Blog

The Insurance Noodle blog also offers a fresh perspective on insurance agency practices and industry news. Updated each week, our blog provides independent agents with information they can use to lead their employees, frame their sales pitch, and connect with their clients.

Business Classes

Even if you're new to the world of commercial insurance, Noodle helps you catch up quickly. Explore our industry pages to learn more about the different insurance needs of each business class.

Commercial Lines

Explore our commercial lines pages to learn more about the products your small-business clients need to protect their property and address their lawsuit exposures. You'll learn what coverage each policy offers and discover the answers to common questions so you can easily troubleshoot your client's concerns.

Personal Lines

Dive into our personal lines pages to learn about Homeowner's, Renter's, or Condo Insurance. You'll discover how the product works, which clients need which policy, and which questions help you properly assess their risk.

How Insurance Noodle Makes Targeting Classes Easy

Insurance Noodle partners with A.M. Best top-rated carriers to give our members access to more than 1,000 classes in 20 different industries. That kind of access means Insurance Noodle members can…

  • Sell products they wouldn’t normally be able to offer.
  • Fill in gaps when their usual product lines fall short.
  • Help clients by offering alternative pricing for comparison.
  • Target classes they see as growth opportunities in their area.

Members can take advantage of this access, but it helps if they have the resources to support their endeavors. So Insurance Noodle offers plenty of materials they can use for themselves or share with clients, including…

  • General information on commercial lines.
  • Policy guides for individual industries.
  • Industry-specific eBooks for our top classes.

By answering some of the basic questions, Insurance Noodle aids independent insurance agents who are looking to build their business by adding commercial lines. Agents who use the free information we provide can serve their clients with confidence.

Our Happy Agents

I think the ease of using the new rating platform will entice more people to be willing to give it another shot. Ease of use and a logical workflow will lead to more submissions, which (hopefully) means a higher closing ratio.

- Malena Farrell
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