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Close enough is good enough, isn’t it? A somewhat accurate quote has to be better than no quote at all.

But that's just not the case. After all, insurance is nothing like horseshoes or hand grenades. When you give your client a rate that is “almost right,” you are doing them a disservice. And once they realize it, your chances of keeping them in your book take a nosedive.

Insurance Noodle can help you get accurate insurance ratings for your most complicated risks. By using proprietary underwriting software, Insurance Noodle delivers precise information about your risks to individual carrier quoting systems. Providers then return accurate and competitive quotes that you can often bind immediately, usually with no signature required and no payment upfront.  

Avoid Misclassifications and Redundancies

Giving clients and prospects accurate quotes on insurance policies is an important part of keeping them in your agency, but insurance can be complicated. Make one mistake on an application, and your client may have to deal with:

  • Automatic declines.
  • Expensive premiums.
  • Insufficient coverage.

Not only are misclassifications a pain for your client, but they also mean more paperwork for you. The time you spend filling out a second application could be better spent prospecting for clients or targeting new markets – the stuff that can actually grow your agency.

How Does Insurance Noodle Get Accurate Rates?

The main ingredient in our ability to get accurate insurance ratings to our member agents is our complex underwriting software, which is the basis for our interactive and universal application. Because our software aggregates common requirements across multiple carrier quoting systems, Insurance Noodle can provide a single application that returns bindable quotes from all available providers.

But our state-of-the-art technology is only the beginning. Think what might happen to that bindable quote if…

  • A client’s business name signifies one classification, but their services indicate another.
  • You accidentally transpose their address with the revenue.
  • You forget to include Commercial Property Insurance for a client’s restaurant.

These are just a few examples of what can go wrong when submitting an application, and unfortunately, they aren’t the kind of errors a software package can easily catch.

Insurance Noodle attacks that issue with a two-pronged approach. First, our team upgrades our application and software system on a daily basis, usually taking member input into consideration when doing so. This helps us ask clear questions on the interactive application so we get the correct information the first time.

The second part of our solution involves our people and their industry expertise. Every Insurance Noodle application is reviewed by a licensed professional. Whenever one of our producers sees something amiss, they contact the agent to ask follow-up questions. Once the issue is cleared up, they submit the application to the appropriate carriers, often turning automatic declines into bindable quotes.  

The more accurate insurance ratings you can get, the better service you can give your client. But Insurance Noodle takes it one step further with our single, universal application. Learn how our universal application lets members compare accurate rates from multiple markets.

Our Happy Agents

I think the ease of using the new rating platform will entice more people to be willing to give it another shot. Ease of use and a logical workflow will lead to more submissions, which (hopefully) means a higher closing ratio.

- Malena Farrell
Cedar Risk Management & Insurance Services, Inc

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