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When someone asks what you do for a living, what do you say? Obviously, the right answer is that you're an independent insurance agent. Little do they know, that means you are also a…

  • Salesperson.
  • Small-business owner.
  • Marketing professional.
  • Customer service representative.

Can you believe you signed up for all of that?

While Insurance Noodle can’t make the sale or do the marketing for you, we can help you manage your agency so you have more time to dedicate to the tasks that grow your business. Our members get access to an online agency management system powered by our state-of-the-art software. Let’s take a look at some of the ways the Noodle’s AMS can simplify your workday.

Streamline Agency Management with Insurance Noodle

Being a successful independent insurance agent requires you to be on top of your game throughout your day. You want to provide excellent service to your clients, which means keeping up with all of their requests and claims. Whether they need an immediate General Liability Insurance quote or they want to add an endorsement to their Commercial Property Insurance, you want to help them the best you can.

But you also have a business to run, and that requires tracking revenue and keeping an eye on expenses. Meanwhile, if you can find the time, you should probably prospect leads so your agency can grow.

Joining Insurance Noodle simplifies many of your day-to-day operations. Our members get 24/7 access to our web-based portal, which includes an agency management system. From their dashboard, Insurance Noodle members can…

  • Manage clients in one location. Keeping all of your business in one place means you don’t have to chase paper when a policy needs service. Moreover, our AMS lets you filter clients using a variety of criteria so everyone is easy to find.
  • Record contacts with prospects. The Insurance Noodle AMS automatically generates a client record for every quote, giving members a convenient recordkeeping system.
  • Track revenue streams. The dashboard also links to a commission schedule for every carrier and every line so members can keep track of the money coming in.
  • Service policies. Adding endorsements, loss payees, or additional insureds is simple for members to do from the Insurance Noodle dashboard. Even if they hit a snag, members can call carrier service centers directly.
  • Transfer prior business. Insurance Noodle must be named as the broker of record in order to transfer your client's current policy into our agency management system.
  • Manage their producers. Agency owners can add new users and reassign policies as needed.

The Insurance Noodle online portal also has a clean, user-friendly design. Key activities are organized around a pinwheel to minimize keystrokes and scrolling. Everything you need is right before your eyes.

Automated AMS and More

The whole point of an agency management system is to automate the routine parts of your day so you can focus on growing your book. When you join Insurance Noodle, you sign up for automation that assists with management and growth.

The software that makes agency management so simple also streamlines the application process. Insurance Noodle members complete a single application that markets the risk to our top-rated carriers. Quotes come back quickly, often within minutes.

Automation is great, but don’t forget that people matter, too. Noodle members can talk to experienced insurance professionals for the end-to-end personal service they need for hard-to-place risks.

Our Happy Agents

I use Insurance Noodle because it’s more up to date than my CRM so I use it all the time to check out my renewals or if people are calling me to verify what their coverage. Insurance Noodle is always accurate. I just keep you up on my favorites. And you’re easy to quote! You guys are clearly my primary.

- Phil Langlois
Putnam Park Insurance

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