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Direct Carrier Servicing

As an independent insurance agent, you don’t always have direct access to carrier service centers. These are the very people who can most easily answer your questions or process your client’s requests, so limited access can limit your ability to compete.

When an Insurance Noodle member runs into a tricky situation or even just wants to fulfill a simple request as quickly as possible, they have two options. They can take advantage of our end-to-end personal service or they can use our direct carrier servicing.

On one hand, Insurance Noodle representatives have years of industry experience, making them an excellent source for information and guidance. But on the other hand, a carrier’s call center worker…

  • Understands the carrier’s claim process.
  • Knows how to resolve billing issues.
  • Can expedite an endorsement.

Making claims and policy changes move quickly for clients is sometimes the best customer service choice you can make. Learn more about Insurance Noodle’s direct carrier servicing and how it aids you and your clients.

The Benefits of Direct Carrier Servicing

Imagine it’s time for your client’s pre-renewal meeting. During your conversation, you realize your client might benefit from:

  • Adding a loss payee.
  • Decreasing their deductible.
  • Increasing their limits.
  • Adding a Cyber Liability endorsement.

With the renewal deadline breathing down your neck, it might make more sense to deal directly with the carrier service center instead of calling Insurance Noodle. The insurer’s representative can make your client’s request a priority, ensuring everything is taken care of immediately.

Direct carrier servicing is also beneficial when processing claims or inquiring about bills. Representatives in the carrier service center have heard it all before, so they can usually identify and resolve issues quickly.

Even though you are an independent insurance agent, you and the carrier are one and the same as far as your client is concerned. You’re the one they have a relationship with and whose advice they listen to, so you’re the one they blame when something goes askew. The direct carrier servicing Insurance Noodle provides can right the ship before a small problem turns into a big headache.

How Direct Carrier Servicing Works

Many of our partnerships with A.M. Best A-rated carriers include the extra benefit of direct access to their service centers. All Insurance Noodle members need to do is…

  • Locate the Direct Carrier Servicing link on the Reference Tools dropdown menu.
  • Contact the appropriate carrier via email or telephone.
  • Identify themselves as an Insurance Noodle member.
  • Provide the carrier service center with the Producer Code, the insured’s name, and the policy number.

A member can find all this information on the dashboard of the Insurance Noodle agency management system.

Faster is sometimes better when it comes to insurance. And while Insurance Noodle representatives can help members complete client requests, contacting the carrier directly often accelerates the process. Learn how Insurance Noodle uses smart technology to get our members faster, easier, quoting, too.

Our Happy Agents

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