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Immediate Access to Carriers

You have your license and you set up shop, so you’re ready to sell insurance.

Not so fast. You still need access to insurance products. Without access, you can't sell a General Liability or Homeowner’s Insurance policy if your life depended on it.

But getting direct appointments with insurers – especially top-rated ones – is a notoriously slow-moving and complicated process. And once you have the appointment, you take on the burden of a long-term commitment to meet minimum production requirements.

Joining Insurance Noodle lets you sidestep that hassle. Learn how our relationship with quality carriers means you get immediate access to their products.

Immediate Access without Direct Appointments

Insurance providers make you jump through plenty of hoops to get appointed. Most only appoint agents who they think can meet their production quotas, so they evaluate the agency’s business practices and financial information. Typically, carriers look for agents with:

  • Insurance industry experience.
  • A healthy book of business.
  • A desirable location.
  • A business plan with a solid market analysis.

Sounds like a catch-22, doesn’t it? You need insurance experience and a healthy book to get a direct appointment, but how can you get either without access to carriers?

Some independent agents work around this problem by joining insurance clusters and networks or working for another broker. Both solutions can mean access to top-rated carriers, but they also come at a cost: a chunk of your commission and most of your freedom.

The Insurance Noodle solution is different. We give members immediate access to A.M. Best A-rated carriers. Once registered, you can start marketing the risks that make the most sense for your business. And because we’ve partnered with multiple carriers, your clients can choose from a variety of quality products.

How Immediate Access Works

Your immediate access stems from our partnerships with top-rated carriers, including…

  • The Hartford.
  • AIG.
  • Travelers.
  • CNA.
  • USLI.

But in any good relationship, both partners need to bring something to the table, and what Insurance Noodle brings is our members, a talented pool of insurance agents looking to sell our carriers' products.

Policies are sold. Production requirements are met. Carriers are happy. But what do members get out of it? For a reasonable yearly membership fee, Insurance Noodle members can…

  • Sell products they wouldn’t normally have access to.
  • Use an online web portal to streamline their book of business.
  • Offer alternative pricing options for most coverages.
  • Fill in the gaps in their usual lines.

Moreover, Insurance Noodle lets you move fast. Our proprietary software and universal application help members minimize keystrokes, avoid misclassifications, and reduce wait times. Member agents can often get accurate rates within minutes of submitting an application.

We work hard to make life easier for our agents, but some insurance policies can be thorny. When that happens, Insurance Noodle has one more trick up its sleeve: direct carrier servicing. Learn more about it here.

Our Happy Agents

I use Insurance Noodle because it’s more up to date than my CRM so I use it all the time to check out my renewals or if people are calling me to verify what their coverage. Insurance Noodle is always accurate. I just keep you up on my favorites. And you’re easy to quote! You guys are clearly my primary.

- Phil Langlois
Putnam Park Insurance

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