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Online applications and agency management systems can definitely make an independent insurance agent’s life easier. Answer a couple of questions, click the “Submit” button, and you’re done. And if you’re an Insurance Noodle member, quotes often show up in a matter of minutes.

But sometimes insurance is more complicated than an algorithm can predict. Sometimes the way a business is run means the usual categories don’t really fit. When that happens, Insurance Noodle offers end-to-end personal service, including underwriting consultations that can help you classify risk and find markets.

Classification Questions Answered

The more experience you have, the easier it is to classify risk. But even an experienced insurance agent can have questions, especially when they are looking to grow their agency.

Let’s say, for instance, that you are an insurance agent who specializes in personal lines, but you think adding commercial products might be good for business. Or maybe you’ve written a few commercial policies and have decided to target a growing market in your town. While both can be smart moves, you're probably going to run into some prospects whose business practices make you wonder how to classify them.

For example, you might find yourself asking…

  • Is a handyman considered a general contractor?
  • Should a medical spa be classified as a physician’s office?
  • When does adjunct faculty become full-time employees who are eligible for benefits?
  • Does a booth renter in a salon count as an independent contractor?

Whether you are an agent adding commercial lines or targeting a new class, Insurance Noodle representatives can help you avoid misclassifications, get more accurate quotes, and sell more policies.

By the way, if you want to add commercial lines to your insurance products, check out the commercial insurance coverages available through Insurance Noodle.

Finding Markets for Insurance Noodle Members

Our partnerships with multiple top-rated carriers usually make placing risk through Insurance Noodle easy. Most of the time, member agents can get bindable rates with reputable insurers within minutes of submitting an application. Sometimes, however, a risk is declined.

When that happens, the Insurance Noodle system lets people trump computers. Real producers review every application to make sure it gets the best shot at being placed. If an Insurance Noodle representative sees something questionable, they take steps to verify the information and send applications to carriers with the appropriate appetite. As a result, some auto-declines turn into quotes.

What’s more, dedicated Insurance Noodle representatives are available during regular business hours to answer questions about carrier appetites and underwriting software systems. You can access a support team of licensed insurance professionals by:

  • Emailing us at [email protected].
  • Calling us at 888.466.8868.
  • Using the live chat feature on your member portal.

Insurance Noodle has state-of-the-art technology plus the expertise of knowledgeable insurance professionals. That’s a pretty powerful combination, and it’s just one of the reasons we are an industry leader.

We’re all about making life easier for independent insurance agents. Read about all the ways Insurance Noodle can help you on the Our Solution page.

Our Happy Agents

I use Insurance Noodle because it’s more up to date than my CRM so I use it all the time to check out my renewals or if people are calling me to verify what their coverage. Insurance Noodle is always accurate. I just keep you up on my favorites. And you’re easy to quote! You guys are clearly my primary.

- Phil Langlois
Putnam Park Insurance

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