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Gone are the days when people went to their friendly neighborhood insurance agent, asked for a Homeowner’s Insurance policy, and signed on the dotted line. Truth be told, those days probably never existed. Like any major financial decision, picking the appropriate insurance policy is not easy. Smart consumers like to have choices so they know they are getting a good deal.

It can be tough for an independent insurance agent to provide enough alternatives to satisfy their clients. The hassle of getting direct appointments and the slow rate of return from some carriers conspire to limit even the most ambitious agent’s options.

Insurance Noodle members, however, get to choose from an unbeatable selection of quality insurance products from many top-rated carriers – all without the burden of the minimum premium requirements that come with direct appointments.

Get Access to A-Rated Carriers

Your clients are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before. Most come to your agency after researching their insurance options, and they are ready to walk out if they think the deal is coming up short.

One of the best ways to keep clients in your agency is to give them the chance to comparison shop. When consumers get to choose from an array of insurance products, they get to see all their options and make an informed decision.

Because Insurance Noodle has partnered with industry leaders, our members get immediate access to a plethora of A.M. Best A-rated carriers, including…

  • AIG.
  • CNA.
  • The Hartford.
  • Travelers.
  • USLI.

Better yet, member agents don’t have to worry about meeting minimum production requirements. Our relationship with these top-rated carriers ensures they get the volume they need.

Keep Clients in Your Agency with Insurance Noodle

Offering alternative pricing for high-quality insurance products is an excellent way to impress prospects who come armed with the latest Internet article, but consumers today also expect instant gratification. When they shop, they want what they want immediately, if not sooner.

Insurance Noodle can help you meet that expectation, too. Our online portal includes a universal application. Member agents answer questions tailored to the risk, and the application automatically transmits to every available carrier. Accurate quotes often come back within minutes.

Additionally, if the client sees something they like, the steps for a bind are usually pretty quick. A significant number of our carriers don’t require a signature or an upfront payment. Moreover, many carriers can return bind requests within 24 hours.

But what happens if an agent receives an auto-decline? That could send a potential client to the insurance agency down the street. Nobody wants that to happen, so Insurance Noodle also has producers in-house who…

  • Review every application for misclassifications.
  • Direct agents to the carriers with the right appetite.
  • Identify non-standard product options.

Insurance Noodle members get to sell quality commercial and personal lines products from providers they wouldn’t normally have access to. More access for you means more choice for your clients. You can learn about our quality A-rated carriers here.

Our Happy Agents

I think the ease of using the new rating platform will entice more people to be willing to give it another shot. Ease of use and a logical workflow will lead to more submissions, which (hopefully) means a higher closing ratio.

- Malena Farrell
Cedar Risk Management & Insurance Services, Inc

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