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When it comes to insurance, speed and ease of use are important. The quicker you can get clients quotes, the less time they have to look for their General Liability Insurance or Commercial Property Insurance elsewhere.

But what good is speed if the products you provide are second rate?

These days, consumers are better informed than ever before. They expect to get quality policies and exceptional service for a good price. And with access to a wealth of insurance options online, few clients are willing to settle for mediocrity.

Market access is one thing, but access to quality markets is another, and it’s Insurance Noodle’s goal to makes sure member agents can select products from some of the best providers available. That’s why the Noodle has spent years developing strategic partnerships with top-rated carriers.

Let’s take a look at how Insurance Noodle relationships help member agents meet their clients’ expectations and grow their agencies.

Build Your Book with A.M. Best A-Rated Carriers

Building your book is key to running a prosperous insurance agency. Whether that means attracting new clients or cross selling to your current ones, your ability to meet customer expectations determines your success.

Offering products from top-shelf insurers is one way to keep clients and prospects in your agency. Insurance Noodle’s partnerships with many A.M. Best A-rated carriers allow members to quote quality products for their clients. Insurance Noodle carriers include many recognizable brands, such as…

  • The Hartford.
  • Travelers.
  • CNA.
  • USLI.
  • AIG.

Having a stable of quality carriers like the ones listed above saves insurance agents time. Insurance Noodle members can often find bindable quotes from quality carriers like these within minutes of submitting a single application. For other carriers, quotes are often available within 24 hours.

Get Access to Admitted Carriers

While an “A” rating from A.M. Best is a clear sign of a quality insurance company, many of Insurance Noodle’s providers are also admitted carriers. Basically, an admitted carrier is one that is governed by the state insurance department. It has to comply with the regulations the National Association of Insurance Commissioners establishes and oversees.

Your clients may not understand what this status means, so be sure to explain how an insurance carrier that is regulated by the state benefits them. For example, you may want to explain…

  • The state can make payments on a claim if the insurance company becomes insolvent.
  • The client may not have to pay certain taxes and fees when purchasing a policy from an admitted carrier.
  • The client can make an appeal to the state insurance department if a claim is mishandled.

The extra security of buying insurance from admitted carrier is a strong selling point, but even when a non-admitted carrier is your client’s only choice, Insurance Noodle should be your first stop.

Traditionally, access to such high-quality insurance carriers has been difficult to get, especially for independent insurance agents. The heavy burden of minimum production requirements and long-term commitments all but shut out new agency owners. Learn how Insurance Noodle makes getting immediate access to carriers easier.

Our Happy Agents

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- Malena Farrell
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