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As an independent insurance agent, you are probably used to calls from panicking clients. The second you pick up the phone, you can hear the tension in their voice. If they don’t get covered now, they are going to miss out on some major opportunity.

Any number of events could have created this urgent situation. Maybe they need…

In some occupations, you could tell a flustered client that their failure to plan does not constitute an emergency for you. However, you’re an insurance agent, so the better choice is to figure out how to talk them off the ledge. Besides, this is a great opportunity to be their insurance hero.

Insurance Noodle can help you step into that hero role by giving you access to our proprietary software that streamlines the entire application process. Read on to learn how we make applying for coverage easier so you can get accurate quotes to your clients quicker.

Keep Clients with Fast Quotes

Panicking customers aside, fast quotes make good business sense for independent insurance agents. People these days have short attention spans. If getting a quote takes too long, the chance of them turning to other agents to fulfill their insurance needs increases exponentially.

Insurance Noodle helps keep clients from wandering with faster quoting. Many of our carriers offer real-time rating, meaning you can often get quotes within minutes of submitting an application. And when real-time quotes aren’t available, Insurance Noodle has a team of in-house producers who review applications and market risks to potential carriers.

Accurate Rates: Faster and Easier with the Noodle

Our proprietary software allows members to minimize keystrokes and redundancies. Rather than filling out applications for each carrier they think has an appetite for their risk, Insurance Noodle members complete a single application that transfers client data to all available carriers.

That’s not the only way Insurance Noodle simplifies applications. Our technology also…

  • Automatically creates a client record. Each new quote generates a record that is easily accessed from your Insurance Noodle dashboard.
  • Allows members to bind policies online. Processing binds online often results in quicker returns, sometimes within 24 hours of a request.
  • Helps members avoid misclassifications. The universal application standardizes carrier quoting system requirements for a simpler application experience.

The Insurance Noodle approach streamlines the process to make it easier for you to get quotes to your clients, but fast and easy are only beneficial when the quotes you get are accurate. That’s why the Insurance Noodle technology team constantly refines our application. By tailoring questions to represent the risk, Insurance Noodle can deliver accurate quotes to our members.

Moreover, we have licensed insurance professionals who review every application – even auto-declines. They can often find a market with the appropriate appetite. And because Insurance Noodle partners with A.M. Best A-rated carriers, they can find a quality product for your client.

Every day, Insurance Noodle members reap the benefits of our proprietary software. Learn more about how our smart insurance technology can help you grow your agency.

Our Happy Agents

I use Insurance Noodle because it’s more up to date than my CRM so I use it all the time to check out my renewals or if people are calling me to verify what their coverage. Insurance Noodle is always accurate. I just keep you up on my favorites. And you’re easy to quote! You guys are clearly my primary.

- Phil Langlois
Putnam Park Insurance

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