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Renewal Agency System Management

We pride ourselves on our smart insurance technology. It’s the reason Insurance Noodle can deliver…

  • A universal application that markets to multiple carriers at once.
  • An agency management system that streamlines members' workflow.
  • Accurate rates, often within minutes of submitting an application.

While proprietary software drives many of the tools Insurance Noodle offers members, our solutions require a personal touch, too. The renewal management system is a perfect example of how we combine people and technology to bring you industry-leading service.

How Insurance Noodle’s Renewal Management System Works

The importance of renewals for an independent insurance agent can't be stressed enough. It’s that residual income that ultimately makes launching your own agency worth the early struggles. But don’t take that to mean you can keep generating commissions without some effort. Keeping existing policies in effect takes prompt and proactive customer service.

Insurance Noodle helps members stay on top of the renewal process by:

  • Alerting member agents to the status of any given policy. Agents who use the Insurance Noodle agency management system to organize their book can easily view a client’s policy status and expiration date from their dashboard. 
  • Notifying agents to potential policy changes. In most states, insurance carriers are required to inform the insured of renewal plans. When that notification comes to us, an Insurance Noodle representative contacts the member agents.
  • Remarketing risks when carrier appetites change. Non-renewing policies are easy to remarket through our online quoting hub. Plus, our licensed professionals assist with nonrenwals by actively seeking the appropriate carriers for the risk.

You already know how important it is to stay on top of deadlines. By combining first-class technology and end-to-end personal service, our renewal management system supports your efforts to maintain and grow your book of business.

What to Do When It's Time to Renew

Plenty can happen within a year, so renewals are often an opportunity to review coverage options with clients. For example, a small-business client may have…

  • Made improvements to their premises.
  • Hired new employees.
  • Changed their minds about Cyber Liability Insurance.
  • Upgraded their business machinery or operating equipment.

Additionally, carriers may have decided to:

  • Change policy terms.
  • Reduce coverage.
  • Raise premiums.
  • Increase deductibles.

Whether changes originate from the client or the carrier, they can cause the policyholder to look for new insurance options. Insurance Noodle’s renewal management system facilitates those conversations by making it easy to get and compare quotes.  

When an Insurance Noodle member’s client decides to investigate their options, the agent can market the risk through our online application. Agents complete a single application that transfers the information to all available carriers and often returns quotes within minutes. Their clients can compare policy terms and find the coverage that suits their needs. If a risk is difficult to place, our underwriting consultants are available to help find the appropriate market.

Insurance Noodle offers independent agents the experienced people and smart technology they need to make running their own agency easier. Add that to our unbeatable product line, and you can see how we give members a competitive edge.

Our Happy Agents

I think the ease of using the new rating platform will entice more people to be willing to give it another shot. Ease of use and a logical workflow will lead to more submissions, which (hopefully) means a higher closing ratio.

- Malena Farrell
Cedar Risk Management & Insurance Services, Inc

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