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Every new advancement in technology shares a common trait: it makes life easier. Whether it's the latest operating system or sleekest smartphone, these inventions are designed with the user's needs in mind.

The same is true for Insurance Noodle’s smart insurance technology. Our efficient software system delivers accurate ratings to our members and streamlines their books of business, helping them to prospect, track, and service clients.

Marketing Risks through Insurance Noodle Technology

Our smart insurance technology makes it possible for independent insurance agents to market risks to multiple top-rated carriers all in one shot. By aggregating the common underwriting requirements of our carrier partners, Insurance Noodle software…

  • Collects your client’s data.
  • Transmits it to all available providers.
  • Returns accurate rates, usually within minutes of hitting “Submit.”

One of the greatest benefits of Insurance Noodle’s sophisticated technology is how it helps agents save time. Because they fill out a single application – as opposed to completing separate applications for each carrier they think might offer General Liability for a particular risk – Insurance Noodle members minimize keystrokes and reduce redundancies. The time saved means our agents have a greater ability to focus on sales.

Managing Your Agency with Insurance Noodle Technology

Being an independent insurance agent means being responsible for reams of paperwork, most of which changes from client to client and carrier to carrier. And clients’ ACORD forms, BOR requests, and applications are just the beginning. You also have to keep an eye on your own licenses, commissions, and coverage.

The same smart technology that powers our universal application is also the basis for Insurance Noodle’s solution for managing accounts and organizing your agency. Joining the Noodle gives you 24 / 7 access to a sophisticated agency management system that allows you to:

  • Manage all clients in one location. Not only does Insurance Noodle’s agency management system simplify your agency by providing a single place to keep client records, but it also lets you archive accounts to keep the information clear.
  • Service current clients better. The user-friendly Insurance Noodle portal makes finding forms, processing endorsements, and marketing non-renewals easier.
  • Track potential clients. Our online application automatically generates and saves a new client record in the agency management system so you don’t have to.
  • Transfer prior business. Name Insurance Noodle as the broker of record in order to transfer your client's current policy into our agency management system.

On their own, these features can streamline your agency, but the Insurance Noodle technology team is dedicated to updating our software so it fits our members’ needs. Some of our most recent system improvements include options like…

  • Filtering clients based on their policy status.
  • Isolating clients with proposed quotes.
  • Identifying clients with incomplete applications.

Insurance Noodle’s smart technology tames the variables that make insurance complicated, but that's not all your membership has to offer. You also get access to our staff of experienced underwriters who provide end-to-end personal service that can help you place difficult risks.

Our Happy Agents

I use Insurance Noodle because it’s more up to date than my CRM so I use it all the time to check out my renewals or if people are calling me to verify what their coverage. Insurance Noodle is always accurate. I just keep you up on my favorites. And you’re easy to quote! You guys are clearly my primary.

- Phil Langlois
Putnam Park Insurance

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