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Let’s say a client comes to your insurance agency. They’ve opened a restaurant, and they’re hoping to get their General Liability Insurance sooner rather than later. You, being the smart insurance agent you are, have access to a couple of carriers that might have an appetite for the risk, so you investigate the exposures. You tell the client you’ll complete the application and get a quote as soon as possible.

Now it’s time to fill out the paperwork – one application for each insurance provider, each with its own soul-crushing number of pages, each requiring essentially the same information. And even though you know your carriers well, there’s no guarantee that they'll send a rate.

That kind of redundancy is frustrating, but moreover, the time spent filling out applications could be better spent growing your agency. That’s why Insurance Noodle developed a time-saving universal insurance application. Our members complete a single application, and our smart technology markets the risk to all available carriers.

Insurance Applications before Insurance Noodle

New business should be a joy, but sometimes the pleasure of adding to your book is marred by the drudgery of filling out insurance applications. The amount of detail you have to put in those tiny boxes could make your head spin. Then you might also have to:

  • Explain missing information.
  • Attach extra documentation.
  • Complete supplemental forms.

Plus if you want your client to be able to compare rates, you usually have to repeat the process for every carrier. And heaven help the independent agent who marks the wrong box or transposes some numbers. They have to start the process all over again.

Even if you get it all right the first time, the turnaround for quotes can be interminable. The combination of mailing and manually reviewing applications bogs down the whole process. That wait can be deadly when building a client relationship.

How Insurance Noodle Saves Agents Time

Insurance Noodle offers members a single, universal application that uses state-of-the-art technology to simplify the insurance application process. Our smart insurance technology applies the common underwriting requirements of different carrier quoting systems to each unique risk to determine the appropriate markets. Instead of dealing with reams of paper, our member agents…

  • Answer questions tailored to their specific risk.
  • Complete just one application for multiple carriers.
  • Get quotes within minutes of submission.

A quick turnaround on rates usually means clients have less time to shop around, but that’s just part of the benefit of using our universal application. When agents enter accurate information, they usually get accurate quotes from more than one provider, many of which hold top ratings from A.M. Best.

Even if things go awry, our licensed insurance professionals review each application to make sure it gets the best shot at being accepted. That second set of eyes can often spot the issue and turn a decline into a quote.

The Insurance Noodle application lets agents spend less time on paperwork and more time on building the relationships that grow their agency. Check out more ways our technology can make you look like a rock star on our smart technology page.

Our Happy Agents

I think the ease of using the new rating platform will entice more people to be willing to give it another shot. Ease of use and a logical workflow will lead to more submissions, which (hopefully) means a higher closing ratio.

- Malena Farrell
Cedar Risk Management & Insurance Services, Inc

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