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Insurance agents know when a client wants Homeowner’s Insurance or Renter's Insurance, they usually need it right away to close on their house or to sign a lease. But if their property is high-risk or high-value, meeting their demands can be tricky.

That's where we come in. Insurance Noodle gives you access to multiple homeowner's markets, thanks to our relationship with top-rated personal lines carriers like Stillwater, Safeco, and Lexington. Noodle members simply use our universal application to get all available quotes (and fast).

The moral of the story: even if your client's risk is hard to place, we can help you get them covered. Ready to save the day? Learn more about the policies your clients might need below.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Whether your client has a sprawling mansion or a quaint cottage, chances are they understand the value of protecting their investment with Homeowner’s Insurance. Even if they don’t, let your client know most mortgage lenders require this coverage. A Homeowner's policy can cover your client's home, belongings, and personal liability.

Noodle gives you access to all homeowner's markets: standard, specialty, and high-value. That means no matter what kind of property your client has, you can usually place the risk with Noodle's help.

Renter’s Insurance

Clients who lease their living space may mistakenly think a landlord's insurance covers their personal belongings. In truth, they need their own Renter’s Insurance to cover their property and their liability for visitor injuries. Compare quotes on Noodle to help your client find competitive prices on their coverage.

Condominium Insurance

Condo Insurance covers your client's personal liability, belongings, and the condominium's interior walls, floors, and ceilings. To properly insure this type of property, check your client's condo association agreement. Shared walls and common areas may impact their insurance responsibilities.

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