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Small Printers May Have a Big Advantage

of printing firms have fewer than 10 employees

The demise of the printing trade has been fodder for business section headlines for the past few years, but according to a 2012 IBISWorld industry report, small firms may have a leg up on the behemoths that dominate the field. Smaller, local shops often have a better handle on their market, which allows them to offer products and services that enhance their competitiveness. Another way they can improve their chances of survival? Insuring their printing equipment and addressing their liability with a Business Owner’s Policy.

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Important Insurance Policies for Printing & Copying

Printers and lithographers use expensive machinery to get their customers' orders out the door. One broken photocopier or banding press could grind your client's business to a halt. Plus, some of that equipment requires specialized knowledge to run safely. These are just a few of the risks in the printing and copying industry that you'll need to identify to ensure your client has adequate business insurance.

Whether your client installs cable television or septic tanks, the work they do is very physical. Their business requires them to drive themselves, their tools, and possibly their employees to other people's property to get the job done. This creates some unusual exposures that will need a variety of coverages for your professional installation clients.

General Liability Insurance

Commercial print shops, like all small businesses, need General Liability Insurance to protect them from third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage. Basically, GL kicks in when someone other than your client's employees claims they were hurt on your client's premises or that your client damaged their property. So if a customer breaks their arm in a slip-and-fall accident at your client's shop, General Liability covers the cost of immediate medical care or the legal fees if the injured party decides to sue.

Property Insurance / Business Owner's Policy

Your client's printers, photocopiers, and other machinery can cost thousands of dollars to replace. That's why your client should protect their investments with Property Insurance. This policy pays to fix or replace lost or damaged equipment if a fire, windstorm, or theft occurs. To help your client cut their premium costs, see if they qualify for a Business Owner's Policy, or BOP , which bundles General Liability and Property Insurance together at a reduced rate. BOPs are only available to low-risk small businesses.

Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions Insurance

Customers hire your client because of their expertise in printing and copying. But even the most careful printer can make a mistake that costs their customer money. If a customer sues to recoup the funds lost because of your client's incomplete or professional negligent work, Professional Liability Insurance steps in. Sometimes called Errors and Omissions Insurance, this policy covers your client's legal expenses - even when the claims are frivolous.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

If your client has employees, they will want the protection offered by Workers' Compensation Insurance. In fact, many states require that employers carry this coverage, no matter how few employees they have. Workers' Compensation pays for an employee's lost wages and medical expenses when they suffer an occupational illness or injury. Such a claim may seem unlikely, but printing employees' repeated motions and exposure to chemicals make Workers' Comp a necessary safeguard.

Tips for Insuring Printing & Copying Professionals

Print and copy shops have a lot of expensive equipment that ups your client's exposures. You can help them mitigate their risks by suggesting they..

Use only trained professionals to service their printers and copiers.

Keep their storefront free of debris and obstructions.

Perform regular maintenance on all equipment.

When you offer advice to your clients, you open their eyes to the exposures they face. Once they know their vulnerabilities, they can make smarter choices about their insurance.

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